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A Personal Safety on Demand and Companion app, built specifically to make neighbourhoods safer.


Personal Safety is a right, not a privilege and we recognize that complete safety can’t be guaranteed
but tech-designed right can allow you, your child or anyone you love to feel safer and to roam freer in the world we live in.

Leelou™ -- the App you need, but never want to have to use!

How does it work?

Leelou connects all linked users together in the event of a crisis, loved ones and carers will receive information to respond accordingly that was previously unavailable.

Follow these simple steps to build your Personal Safety on Demand network:

Step 1

Create your free Leelou profile linking your number.

Step 2

Add unlimited friends and invite up to 5 people to be on your elected Safety network.

Step 3

Share Leelou with your friends on social networks to you can help them in need.

Step 4

Keep Leelou updated on the appstore so you recieve critical security and safety changes.

Understanding Leelou (FAQ's)


Q: Can someone stalk me?
A: In short, absolutely not! Leelou is Stalker Proof and only friends can know your location and that is also optional however, in an SOS, ONLY your Guardians can know where you are.

Q: Is my personal information and location safe?
A: Yes, very much so. Leelou isn't affiliated or associated with any organisation to collect, collate and package ANY part of your information or location to promote anything other than your personal safety.

Q: If my child starts an SOS and I'm a victim of Family Violence and have changed my number, is my location and new phone number shared with my ex partner?
A: We understand that breakdowns in family can occur but in an SOS, our children do not discriminate and may need both parents to help them in a crisis but if Guardians are not friends on Leelou, no information is shared unless allowed by each user. Your personal information is totally private to only who you share it with.

Q: What happens if I am out of mobile coverage or even data?
A: Running out of credit or data can happen and when it does, Leelou will not function however you can still attempt a global satellite call by pressing the Police icon in the top right of the screen.


Q: How can you guarantee Leelou will work all the time?
A: The simple answer is, we can't. Every effort is put in to ensuring that Leelou is a tool and given the right conditions for both user and Guardians such as, fully charged battery, updated version of Leelou, properly operating hardware and (OS) operating system, available credit or data on your plan etc, Leelou uses all efforts to provide respondents with information to get to you fast.

Q: Leelou is free?
A: Yes. We believe that personal safety is a right and not a privilage and the Leelou core will be free forever!

Q: Will I be bombared with advertising?
A: No, Leelou has no advertising partners or operational model. It was designed to actually work without being unundated with annoying ops ups or affiliates to keep it free.

Q: Is the SOS all Leelou can do?
A: At the moment, Leelou is only able to primarily provide SOS information. We are working on other components which may not suit everyone and may be subscription based, but it will take Leelou to a whole new level of service.

Q: Can I block someone?
A: There's no need to. If you are not friends on Leelou, no one will ever know where you are! In fact, someone needs to know your number to even send you a friend request.



Alliances and partnerships :
We welcome and are open to having discussions with other global groups or organisations that could improve the quality of lives of those in Child Protection, the prevention of DV/FV, Missing Persons, Elderly Care etc, please reach out to us because we believe jointly, we could make our communities safer together!

Corporate Social Responsibility


Corporate social responsibility; often abbreviated "CSR," is a corporation's initiatives to assess and take responsibility for the company's effects on environmental and social well-being.

At the core, Leelou is Socially Responsible, encouraging and welcoming Corporations to partner with us in making our community safer. Opportunities exist to align your organizations social values with ours.

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