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Helpful Tips to Avoid Being Abducted For Sex-Trafficking

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With all these kidnappings and sex-trafficking stories circulating, here are helpful ways how can women prevent this from happening to them.

Helpful Tips to Avoid Being Abducted For Sex Trafficking

While never coming out of your house ever again seems like a safe and simple solution, it's not a realistic one. So, we've compiled a list of preventative measures women can use to prevent being kidnapped and possibly forced into the dark world of sex-trafficking.

Be Very Aware of Your Surroundings: while in an ideal and SAFE world we would pop in our earbuds and escape the world while out commuting, this is not a thing right about now. We must stay vigilant, aware and observant. When walking in the streets stay close to businesses and homes that you can run towards or into and away from the roads on which a car can easily pull up and snatch you up.

Appear Like You'll Be Handful: be very aware of your body language while out, appearing sad, lonely or in any way lost may prompt a potential abductor to perceive you as easy prey. The level of confidence, strength, and conviction with which you move can easily change how you're perceived and that can make a big difference when you're being considered as a potential target.

Head Out With Groups: try to pair up with other people while out. Like for example, if you work in a company try to head home with other co-workers that may be going in the same direction. Make some commuter buddies! While kidnappers are not afraid to abduct a person in front of other people, being in a group could very well deter them from targeting you. For instance, I myself walk with a pack of fellow commuters when getting off the train. Instead of keeping to myself while walking home from the train, I walk nice and close to my neighbors as if we're all together

Don't Call a Friend—Get On The Phone With 000: while you may feel tempted to call a friend when something doesn't feel right, call 000! As soon as an operator picks up let them know that something suspicious is happening and you feel like you're in danger. Describe and person, a vehicle that seems suspicious and give them your name and location. Stay on the phone with them the entire time and let anyone suspicious know "I ALREADY THE COPS!"

Let Someone Know Where You're Going And With Who: If for some reason who are heading out ALONE to meet someone who met online, make sure someone knows where you're going and who you're meeting. Share with a friend or family member where you're headed and give the name of the person you're about to meet, a PHOTO of them and any other details you may have. While you're out with this unknown person, stay in contact with a friend and let them know your location at all times. Also let the person who you're out with know that, you've shared their identity with loved ones and they know where you are.

Share Your Location With Your BFF: with iPhones, you can permanently share your location with someone close to you. This means that they always know where you are as long as you have your phone with you. So if for some reason your kidnapper doesn't remember to take your phone immediately they may be able to locate you unharmed. This is a feature that can be turned off and on at all times, so don't feel like your privacy will stay violated. Download the Leelou app.

Be Ready To Handle An Attack: while most women aren't trained to fight off an attacker, we all have that FIGHT in us and can use it to deter someone from kidnapping us if we put up resistance. With many girls ending up dead or being sex trafficked after being kidnapped, we have to fight back. We can take on any man our life depends on it.

Make A Full Blown Scene: in simple terms WILD OUT! As soon as you feel like something is about to go down, start yelling for help. Get people's attention by yelling "CALL THE POLICE" as loud as you can. An abductor would much rather his kidnapping go quietly and smoothly, so he may just take off if people start coming windows, doors and cars. If your kidnapper is unarmed and your life is not in danger, RUN as fast as you can. Run towards people, a business or a well-lit area.

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Jerry Farsoun, a social entrepreneur who for more than a decade has been championing the personal safety space using technology.

In 2008 he set the world aviation record for the longest solo and unassisted ultralight flight in a powerchute around mainland Australia. This was to help reduce the stigma and raise awareness of depression with an emphasis on suicide prevention.

He spent the near decade researching technology to help people who felt vulnerable and in 2015, began developing a platform that helped anyone who was in need and may not be in a postion to put a call out for help.

He was nominated for Australian of the Year in 2017 and his company was a finalist in Business of the Decade in 2018.

The personal safety platform is called Leelou launched on the AppStores in 2018 is keeping us safer anywhere, anytime by always being available to provide immediate personal protection so we can enjoy some of the freedoms to live as we choose.

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