The security sector hasn't changed much in the last century and providing security in a heavily congested area at public events can be a very difficult task: that's why peSEC was created.

peSEC is an extension of Leelou's already unrivalled free Core platform. It is a GEO-Fence around a venue or public event where onsite security companies maintain order and a duty of care, such as at shopping centres, public events, train stations, football stadiums and schools etc.

Leelou launched to market in 2018 and is already being used by an ever-growing community across the globe.

Leelou is a platform keeping us safer anywhere, anytime by always being there to provide immediate personal protection so we can enjoy some of the freedoms to live as we choose.

When any of our platform users enter a peSEC GEO-fenced area and press the SOS button, onsite security receives:

  • GPS location of where the person is from the Users handset,
  • recorded and streamed audio of the emergency
  • plus, a group chat centralising and streamlining assistance efforts in under 15-seconds

All of this is accessed via a highly encrypted and secure web-interface where Security Companies and Venues can monitor their security management at a glance.

Expressions of interest are available for the security community, venue or events coordinators to provide an unprecedented level of care to its clients via the application form below.

All fields below are required so that a Leelou peSEC Consultant can discuss your security needs.